Delta Imports Testimonial | Facebook Review

"As usual, I was late in getting my 10K mile maintenance scheduled, and would be going out of town for a couple weeks in less than a week. I called Mike to get my car in, who said he was booked out for about a week and a half. To add to difficulty to my need, it was a Friday and I would only be in GR the following week on Tuesday (2 business days later) before I would be leaving. When I explained my situation; without hesitation, he said, "if you can get it here by 7:30am, I will fit you in". I was elated to say the least. I was greeted by several employees when I arrived with warm smiles and a sincere "good morning". When I asked for a shuttle, I was counter-offered with a 2014 Q5 to loan for the day. Incredible!!! I was called when my vehicle was done, and when I arrived at 5 o'clock they quickly processed my paperwork (25% less expensive than the competitor I had been using for the past two years), and when they brought my car around from the back, it was freshly washed and vacuumed. Without surprise (at this point), the gentlemen that brought my car up was extremely pleasant and greeted me with a big smile. WOW, just wow, Delta knows what "customer service" truly is! I live in South Jackson MI, and even though I am typically only in Grand Rapids once a week, ALL of my future maintenance work and new car purchases will be from Delta. I would recommend Delta Imports to anyone without hesitation."

Dana J.

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