Over the course of your vehicle ownership, your car's interior and exterior are exposed to a variety of things that can take away from that showroom shine. Coffee or juice box spills can create unwanted stains and smells and many environmental contaminants -- such as salt and sap, for example -- can damage your vehicle's paint. Super Polysteel interior and exterior protection offers a layer of protection to keep your car looking showroom new.

The Super Polysteel protection plan offers environmental protection for up to six years.
Exterior Protection
Factory-applied paint finishes have a shiny top layer called the clear coat. Exposure to environmental elements, such as acid rain, stains, bird droppings, sap or even the sun, can damage your vehicle's clear coat, leaving imperfections and making your paint look faded. The Super Polysteel Professional Exterior Gloss Preserver adds a transparent layer of polymetric coating that protects your paint finish from the elements and preserves its deep, glossy showroom shine.
Interior Protection
The fabric, leather, carpeting and vinyl trim inside your vehicle are vulnerable to permanent spotting and staining from pets, road salt, mud and other mishaps. Over time, surfaces will wear down from UV rays and extreme interior temperatures due to the greenhouse effect. Super Polysteel interior protection safeguards your vehicle's interior from these harmful effects and keeps your interior from looking old and worn.
Warranty Protection
Should something ever happen to the exterior of your vehicle due to environmental conditions or the interior of your vehicle due to accidental spills, this warranty will pay to have it professionally cleaned, buffed, repainted or replaced if it cannot be returned to its original condition.
Product Maintenance Kit Included
After your Super Polysteel application, you will receive a six-product maintenance kit in the mail to help you maintain the showroom look of your vehicle.

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